Spring Trials 2020
March 28 – April 2

Bobbleheads Chris Beytes, Ellen Wells, Jen Zurko and Bill Calkins have almost lived on Zoom meetings with various breeders who were scheduled to exhibit at CAST, gathering information about the new varieties they were planning on presenting. We at GrowerTalks/Green Profit are bending over backwards to provide as much good coverage of every exhibitor’s new varieties as possible. We know how much they’ve invested and how much is being lost to the industry by the event being closed. Our job is to cover them, and so we will, to the best of our abilities!

We’ll still be sending out our Acres of Buzz newsletters, staying close to our original CAST schedule as possible, posting videos and slideshows to our YouTube channel, and putting out a bunch of photos to our social media sites. It’s not the same, of course, but we hope you still learn as much about what’s new for our industry.